Friday, September 28, 2007


BRITNEY SPEARS' former love rival SHAR JACKSON has accused the pop star of keeping her estranged husband KEVIN FEDERLINE away from his kids.

The actress claims Spears was so needy when she became a mum to Federline's son SEAN PRESTON, she wouldn't entertain the thought of the rapper spending time with the two kids he had with Jackson.

She says, "He was in a relationship where he had to respect boundaries. And the other person probably felt that their family should be the focus of what goes on in their household.

"He couldn't come over as much as he would like to. If he wasn't working he would come over to see the kids two or three times a month."

Federline, who split from Spears last month (NOV06), is already trying to make up for lost time with his children by Jackson - he reportedly spent Thanksgiving Day (23NOV06) with his ex-girlfriend and their kids.

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